Shelter for Single Mothers

Shelter for Single Mothers in Kiekrz, near Poznań

ul. Kierska 10, 62-090 Rokietnica


tel. +48 61 842-80-04

  • The Shelter in Kiekrz is run by the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and provides help to young, single mothers with children and pregnant women without homes.
  • The Shelter provides accommodation, food and help with babies. Sisters and participating women cooperate in running a small farm and garden that belongs to the Shelter.
  • Single mothers are usually able to stay at the Shelter for half a year, but no longer than one year. Each case is verified individually, and the Sisters endeavor to help them to find a job and get back on their feet. At the shelter, women have access to legal and psychological help (voluntaries).
  • The Shelter can provide accommodation for approximately 15 mothers and 15-20 children. On average, approximately 30 persons are at the Shelter.
  • The Shelter receives monthly donations from the Poznan municipality, but the amounts are small and do not even cover monthly utility bills. The Shelter does not have any regular donors and/or other external financing. From time to time, the Shelter receives small individual donations ($30-$50) and gifts from Polish companies (mainly around Christmas time). Donations provided via our Foundation (approximately $2,000-$3,000 per year) are an essential element of help for the Shelter in Kiekrz.